Once upon a time… nay! – Ebook


Illustrated by Maria Sole Macchia

Once upon a time… “A fairy”, say the little girls. “A dinosaur”, say the little boys. Well not! There was, yet there is… The Dummy Spaceship, Gino the Difficulties Man, The Maestro Thunder… And then there is The tree of No, The Ermanno’s Room and The large Family and many other stories. Nineteen stories to tell before going to bed, before washing or when thunder explodes. To swallow syrup, or to sleep in children’s bed. To say no, but also to say yes! Or just to kill time.

Autore: Agnese Bizzarri
Titolo: Once upon a time… nay!
Collana: Vandini
Luogo e data di pubblicazione: Milano, aprile 2015
ISBN e-book: 9788868991579
Prezzo e-book: 5,99 €


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